Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Little Miss Cook!

I can't quite believe it myself but I cooked again yesterday and today. Last night I made a stir fry from lettuce, peppers, cashew nuts and prawns. I added generous amounts of chilli flakes, cayanne pepper and soya sauce and the result was yummy! I finally got Mr W to have it too and he loved it! Yay! He normally eats his way through an enormous pile of lamb chops and chicken drumstick whilst I munch on my healthy food.

Tonight I made another stir fry. I didn't have any meat in the fridge for it so I ended up stripping Mr W's leftover chicken drumsticks from last night into little pieces and throwing them in. With them I mixed in lettuce, peppers, red onion, cashew nuts and broccoli. I added the onion rings to the wok first on their own for a few minutes and then everything else. I had steamed the broccoli to soften it up a little bit before frying it on the wok. Same seasoning with the chilli, cayanne and soya than last night and this time it was even yummier! Mr W ate it again, double yay! Soon he won't be able to take the mickey about my lack of domesticated skills. Plus if he keeps on eating what I eat in the evenings he should start loosing weight as these stir fries are definitely Personal Trainer approved.

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