Monday, 21 November 2011

Barbados: Sandy Lane

This is my second time in Barbados and also in Sandy Lane. I have to say this is a hotel with a capital H. The service and attention to detail is incredible. The set up is stunning and I even love the pink umbrellas and sunbeds! Sandy Lane has a somewhat cheesy reputation but cheesy or not it works. Staying here is so comfortable and relaxing, just how it should be on a holiday. Rooms are spacious and comfy. The bed is amazing and so are the sofas. That might sound silly but it's important; I've been to some of the modern and minimalistic hotels where you can't literally even sit on the sofa as it's only been made to look cool! Have to also mention the great walk-in wardrobe and the complimentary packing and unpacking service. Sandy Lane may not be that cool but it certainly is luxurious and beautiful and everything works smoothly and what ever you need you only have to ask the staff.

This place is also very good for families. Our room layout is so that there is a bedroom at the back for Baby. It's tucked away so that we don't need to worry about noise after Baby has gone to bed. That is such a relief as we've tried to do holidays having us all in one room. It's never a holiday for us that way as Baby goes to bed by 7pm and needs a dark room and quietness. They have a baby in-room dining menu just as well as a kids' one. We have a babysitter from the kids' club and she has been wonderful. Baby is still too young to go to the club without a one-on-one sitter. The pool area has a few different pools one of them being very shallow and therefore perfect for kids. 

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