Thursday, 3 November 2011

Flying High

I'm writing from somewhere over the Atlantic. We have about four hours to go before landing at JFK. I have watched all my remaining episodes of Gossip Girl and fallen even deeper in love with Blake Lively and her outfits… Yes I know I really am way too old to watch it but I can't help it! I have also read the new Harper's Bazaar. I adore the cover; Cindy, Naomi, Eva, Yasmin and Helena and they all just look so amazing. I still have Tatler, Vogue and Grazia to go plus Gina Ford's 'Toddler Years' book. They should keep me going for the remaining flight.

Saw Gillian Anderson at the check-in. She didn't look so much like X-Files but more like a very ordinary - but pretty and very petite - woman with, whom I assume was, her teenage daughter.

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