Monday, 14 November 2011

Chewton Glen

I've just had the loveliest weekend in a spa hotel called Chewton Glen in New Forest. It was my second stay, we also went exactly a year ago. Even a year ago I thought it was amazing but they have since revamped their restaurant and changed the menu and it was all for much better. Also the difference to year ago is that back then Baby was still so small that she wouldn't have even realised we were somewhere special but this time we were able to utilise the kids' swimming times and the amazing gardens and grounds. I also enjoyed (read: slept through...) some luxurious spa treatments, hung out in the outdoor jacuzzi (I know; sounds cheesy but in a place as classy as that they have managed to do it in style), had lunch on the terrace in our room, enjoyed two amazing dinners and drank extensive amounts of wine. Everything about that hotel gets top marks from me.

I stupidly left my laptop there... I'm getting it back by tomorrow so will be putting some pics up then.

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