Sunday, 6 November 2011

New York: Final Night Out and Spotting Michael Buble

We stupidly hadn't organised a table for dinner for last night early enough. It's not normally such an issue but it really is when it's ten of you. The only place we could get a table at was called Sam Bahri's Steakhouse in West Village. The hotel concierge swore that even though we hadn't heard of the place it was a great new restaurant and that we would definitely like it. When we got there we couldn't believe what we were seeing; the place looked like a Starbucks but empty of people! No atmosphere what so ever and literally two other diners in. We walked straight out. Luckily WM has a bit of game in a lot of restaurants so we managed to get a table in a local Italian across the road. We were all totally over dressed for the place but it turned out okay in the end. It was a typical casual Italian restaurant; fun service, lively and busy atmosphere and big portions of comfort food. I didn't choose my food very wisely so it wasn't great but I tasted others' dishes that were actually quite good. Later they started playing music right up my street; cheesy euro house! We ended up dancing around the table and then continuing the party in our hotel room with Mr W dj'ing on his iPad. Great last evening in New York but next time I'll be more organised and book places up well in advance.

Today we had breakfast in Balthazar and then went back to bed. We slept till midday and then it was time to pack up. We had a lovely lunch with K and C at our hotel and now we are waiting for a car to come and take us to Newark. Michael Buble is standing in the lobby in front of us! Quite a cute looking guy but not one I would have looked at twice had I not recogniced him. And now that I have recognised him I'm obviously acting cool and pretending that I haven't! Casually dressed in jeans and a duffel coat. As all celebrities seem to be he too is shorter than I would have imagined.

I'm sad to leave New York but happy to go home to Baby. I'm hoping to return here in the spring and then I want to add some uptown glamour into my stay, which was the only thing that was missing from my AMAZING weekend!

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