Sunday, 27 November 2011

Bye Bye Barbados!

We're all packed and ready to go. We have an overnight flight, which is a relief as there's no stress about Baby; she will most likely sleep through it. I had such an amazing holiday! A lot of relaxing but also a lot of fun nights out. I ate and drank way too much, which means detoxing at home this week... We saw a lot of interesting people at the hotel; Cliff Richard having the Sunday Buffet, Saudi Princesses with their female bodyguard (I say Saudi Princesses as that sounds so exotic, all I know is that they were young Middle Eastern girls with a very muscular minder), a man from Egypt who works for the Saudi Royal Family looking after their investments... We saw a gorgeous looking South American family with three children and three Nannies and the children and Nannies would have breakfast in a different table to the parents! All very interesting, I love people watching! Anyway, I'm sad to leave but always happy to get back home too. We will definitely be back.

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  1. Beautiful shots! Gosh, I could really do with a trip to someplace warm right now - it's so cold here!