Friday, 25 November 2011

Barbados: Did I Say I'm Not Afraid of Sharks?

We had lunch at the Lonestar the other day and this is what the local fisherman caught and dragged to the beach during our meal...

It was a hammerhead shark and quite a nice size at that. I'm so bad at estimating measurements but it was definitely man size (read: man eating size...). The locals kept saying to us that it was extremely rare to see sharks in Barbados and they joked that we shouldn't be telling anyone at our hotel that we saw one. Well, we didn't tell anyone but I have to say it has put me off swimming...

As much as I find them scarily fascinating though and it is my worst fear to ever come across even a tiniest one when swimming, I did and do feel very very sad for the shark. This big animal laying there all bloody. It had just been happily living in the ocean and all of a sudden something pierces through its head and kills it. Feels unfair.

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