Friday, 4 November 2011

New York: Finally Here!

I am laying in bed in Crosby Street Hotel. I want to live in New York!! Please Mr W can we move our family over here? No we can't really as career wise it just wouldn't make much sense… Tonight we got in and out of JFK in record time; we were here at our hotel an hour after we touched down. Our hotel room is super amazing but the experience with Crosby Street Hotel didn't start so well when they didn't have the car we were expecting waiting for us in the terminal. We had a few drinks at the hotel bar downstairs with K and C and then moved onto The Lion to meet a bunch of other people. Afterwards we returned back to the hotel, this time to their "honesty bar", which I have pictured below. Some of our friends had some amazing news to tell us and I can't stop smiling for them. I'm going to bed now to prepare for some serious shopping tomorrow. Good night!

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