Sunday, 27 November 2011

Barbados: Lunching

During this holiday we've had three lunches somewhere else than the Bajan Blue here at Sandy Lane. First one was at the Lonestar. It was okay but nothing spectacular. Everywhere seems very quiet at lunch time, which obviously affects the atmosphere so I would have to experience Lonestar at a busier time to fully make up my mind. For now it was just okay; food was okay, set up was okay and the service was okay. We did see the shark there though so I will always remember it! One thing I have to mention about Lonestar... they had smelly chairs!!

(picture from the Lonestar website)

The second place we tried for lunch was The Beach House. This was a recommendation by the Sandy Lane concierge and a little bit strange one at that... Again it was nearly empty and the place itself didn't look that impressive. Food was okay at best; not a lot of thought or effort had been put into it. I ate my starter and main but Mr W only had one bite of his burger, which he thought tasted strange. I can safely say this restaurant is not on my list of recommendations for Barbados.

Today we had lunch at the Sandy Lane country club, which is situated on their golf course. What a stunning place with an incredible view! I can't believe we hadn't gone there before! They have a nice, light menu and it's such a beautiful place you could sit there all day sipping wine.

(picture from

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