Monday, 31 October 2011

My Net-A-Porter Obsession

Today is Monday and even though Mondays are generally pretty grim they do have something to look forward to... Net-A-Porter's new items! As always, I updated my account by adding everything from today's What's New section into my Wish List.

I have to get these Loubutin shoe boots... In fact funnily enough these must be the same ones I saw on Louise Redknapp on Saturday night. I remember looking at them and wondering whether they were in stores at the moment. I love wearing black shoe boots with either black super skinny jeans/leggings or with a short dress and black thick tights.  
Who wouldn't love Bottega... Not sure if I will ever have it in me to bite the bullet and get one of their box clutches as for such a little thing they really are expensive. Stunning though and I love the colours and material of this particular one.
This Lanvin leather trimmed cape is beautiful. However I can not help but feeling pleased with myself for having found a very similar one by Helene Berman. I bought it in Fenwick a couple of months ago and instead of about £2K it set me back less than £200 and it is one of those items I always receive compliments about when I wear it. I only wear it in the evenings though as I am not able to carry any other type of handbag with a cape than a clutch... I mean, I really do not know how it is physically possible to try and carry a bag on your shoulder without ending up pulling the cape up in the process... 

These Notify jeans are so cool. I'm very into black and dark red right now. Also my love for skinny jeans is not fading; I look at pictures of myself from a few years back wearing straight legs and think  how much smarter skinnys look on me. 

I am not a big Herve Leger fan maybe because the look has been a bit overdone in the recent years and because I have this eternal fear of looking like I am trying too hard and = mutton! However I would love to wear this one; the shape and the colour make it look classy and elegant even though sexy.

Oxford Street and Roast Chicken

Yesterday I did pretty much nothing. I ventured out to John Lewis to get some household items and that was so stressful that I happily stayed in for the rest of the day. When did Oxford Street become so busy on a Sunday? The roadworks do not help with navigating through the crowds either. It was pretty horrendous and in the end I had to control the urge to run people over with my buggy! Oh I did do something else yesterday; I cooked! That is not something I do often so when I do I always feel like I should be getting a gold star. Having said that Mr W is so pleased when I do that it does feel like getting one. I made a roast chicken and if I may say so it was not too bad... I followed a Jamie Oliver recipe that I found online. I even managed to make a nice gravy following Mother In Law's instructions. Maybe I am a tiny tiny little bit of domesticated after all....

Saturday Goodmans and Scotts

Saturday was a lovely day in London; cool but sunny. Still warmer than usual considering that we are nearly in November. At lunch time Mr W and I headed out to Goodmans Steak House on Maddox Street for another incredible meal. Their food never fails or disappoints. I am not a big meat eater but Goodmans is the best steak I have ever had. I had a filet beef with the yummiest mushrooms ever on the side. The ambience is down to earth and casual. It is also the perfect place to go to with kids as you do not feel like they are disturbing anyone.

In the evening we headed out again. R and H came for pre-drinks at our place and we made our way to Scotts together. Another amazing restaurant and an amazing meal. I have never been disappointed in Scotts. It is one of my top three favourite London restaurants as it has it all; food, service and a setting for a great night out. To me they have the best fish dishes in the world. Louise Redknapp was dining there; what a pretty little girl and something about her made me think that she seemed very nice. For some reason I am all of a sudden seeing her everywhere; only a couple of weeks ago I saw her in Zuma.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Friday night Hakkasan and Connaught

I travelled so much during the summer that I am soooo in love with London now and treasure every weekend I get to spend here. This weekend started off with a Friday night dinner in Hakkasan, Mayfair. I was with Mr W and some I and L. We had a great night and Hakkasan got top marks from me for the evening. Food was excellent and pink mojitos were as good as ever. Service was smooth and unnoticeable, just the way it should be. We sat on the ground floor where the bar is. I prefer this to sitting downstairs in the actual dining room. I like the buzz of the bar around me. The only negative was that we had to leave the table at 9.30pm and they were not very forthcoming in helping us find a space at the bar afterwards. For this reason we headed out to Connaught Hotel bar, the newer one, for a couple of more mojitos, which, I must say, they are experts in. They even beat Hakkasan's ones!

My First Post

Here we go... The first post of my blog. My blog that is by no means ready yet or looking like I want it to eventually look like. It took me a long time to even figure out how to make my pictures in Picasa small enough for this site to accept them. I finally got there though and feel very proud of myself! Picture editing or web designing are definitely not on my list of skills... I am keen to learn though, ambitious as I am I want my blog to look the nuts! First step towards the right direction would probably be to find out how to use my Apple laptop properly...