Saturday, 5 November 2011

New York: Catch

Last night we met all our friends at our hotel bar and then moved onto Catch in Meatpacking. Apparently it is "the hottest table in Manhattan" at the moment! That became obvious as we got there the place was heaving and the crowd was definitely cool. Like in all these super cool places we had to wait for our table for a while even though we had it booked. At this stage had it been just Mr W and I we would have probably walked out but as it was ten of us we knew we had no choice. When we finally got seated though we did have a fun evening. Food was phenomenally good seafood. It was a mix between Asian fusion and traditional seafood. Everything had so much flavour to it. We shared a lot of starters and in the end I had to cancel my main course as I was already so full! The restaurant was very noisy and although this didn't bother me - I was drunk enough - it had bothered some people in our group. The space was quite tight too so you had to navigate your way through the crowds. In other words the restaurant was definitely cool and happening and the food was superb but you would go there more for the scene than anything else. I also would say that this is not a place I would want to go with just one person. Afterwards we went to the club they had on a different floor. The club, contrary to expectations was the opposite of cool! Music was hip hop and crowd was bridge and tunnell. Say no more!

We moved onto a club called SL nearby. For some reason even though we don't even like this club we always end up in there! Crowd was obviously much younger than us and not much cooler than in Catch's club but the music was good. We had a great time dancing on the sofas and downing vodkas. Despite this I'm now ready for some more shopping!

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