Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Barbados: More Dining

On Friday night we dined at a new restaurant called Cin Cin. When we first got there I thought it was probably not going to be that good; it was very modern and sterile and the lounge bar lacked atmosphere. We got seated on the terrace overlooking the sea but as it was dark by then we didn't really have any view regardless of that. It was still a pretty set up of course and the atmosphere was much better outside than in. It just had a few things that they clearly hadn't figured out yet. However when the food arrived we totally changed our opinion about the place as it was amazingly good!  We ended up having a really lovely night and drinking way too much.

My Cin Cin outfit was a Missoni dress with a YSL waisted belt. I bought the dress in a boutique in South of France last summer and the belt in Net-A-Porter. The shoes are Michael Kors and I got them in their Soho New York store last month.

On Saturday night we went to The Cliff. It was as stunningly beautiful as I had remembered and the food was very good. They also have a terrace overlooking the sea but the difference to Cin Cin is that the sea beneath the restaurant is lit and very clear so you can see through the turquoise water. If I have to compare these two quite similar restaurants I would say that The Cliff wins in the set up but Cin Cin wins in food as the menu there is a little bit lighter. 

This was my outfit for The Cliff: DVF dress that I bought in Intermix in New York, with the DFV clutch that I also got in New York but in the DVF flagship store. Shoes are by my friend Nicholas Kirkwood. Mr W is not the best at taking these headless shots... he keeps on leaving half the shoes out!

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