Monday, 19 December 2011

Sponsoring a Child

I've been wondering for a while what the best way is to donate to charity... I mean how do you know, which charity is the one that gets most of the donations through to its actual targets. You hear so many stories about every layer of the process skimming the donation down so that when it finally reaches the ones in need there is not much left. I've had a direct debit to Oxfam for a few years now but as it's such a big organisation I know very little about how my  money has been used. I therefore today decided that I want to sponsor a child. I've just signed up with Plan. I want to sponsor a child in Latin America. After seeing the Favelas in Rio and Sao Paulo a few years ago it shocked me so much that somehow I'd love to help a child in that part of the world. I'm very excited about this and can't wait to find out who I'll be sponsoring!

Another thing that occurred to me recently is that I have so much "stuff"... Stuff that I don't need at all and often just throw away. If only I could send all that stuff to somewhere, to somebody, who needs it. I might just ask Plan about it, maybe they will be able to help me to help.

Picture from Plan website.

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