Sunday, 4 December 2011

Hyde Park Afternoon

I took Baby to Hyde Park this afternoon. Winter Wonderland is there at the moment but she's still too young to enjoy it so I'm going to wait until next year before taking her. Instead we had a good walk around the wet and cold park. Luckily the weather conditions went totally unnoticed by Baby. 

I love Hyde Park. Today it was particularly busy because Oxford Street is rammed with Christmas shoppers and because of Winter Wonderland and there was also someone giving a speech (or rather ranting about this that and other) in the Speaker's Corner. I hadn't seen that for a while.

After Hyde Park we had a good stroll around the West End. I should have done some Christmas Shopping but I could tell that venturing into the crowded shops with my buggy and a Baby who doesn't want to sit in it would have only ended up in tears...

Now I'm ready for a relaxing evening in. Home smells lovely thanks to the lovely items in the below picture. I might just cook myself some pasta as inspired by this blog post by Liberty London Girl and watch a few episodes of Breaking Bad. 

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