Wednesday, 7 December 2011

My Favourite Holidays - St Barths

St Barths is my favourite holiday destination outside Europe. Being French it's super chic and classy. It is very difficult to get to hence it's kept its "exclusivity". The first time I went there was when I was seven months pregnant. That's me with my bump and Mr W at Isle De France.

We went with a group of friends and stayed on a boat. The one below is certainly not the one we stayed on... That's Abramovich's Pelarus that we spotted in the marina. Our boat was the size of that one's tender! 

You can have a lot of fun there. Especially in Le Ti St Barths! And no, I'm not in either of these pictures :-)

The next time we went was exactly a year later, earlier this year. I was obviously no longer pregnant and therefore able to have a bit more fun and to wear some glitter! This time we went with family.

We stayed in Eden Rock Hotel, which was fabulous. They must do the best beach lunch I've ever had. Courteney Cox was staying there at the same time with her handsome co-star from Cougar Town, Josh Hopkins. I have to say though it didn't look like they were romantically involved even though around that time there were a lot of rumours about them in gossip magazines. Shame I wasn't brave enough to take a pic of them! Here are some of Eden Rock though...

On Shell beach guys might be lucky enough to spot this... 

Isn't the marina beautiful? I love boats!

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