Thursday, 15 December 2011

After a Break; Net-A-Porter Wishlist Update

I haven't even so much as looked at Net-A-Porter for a while because I've been feeling very undeserving and ashamed after my shopping madness in New York last month... But today I finally dared to take a little peak. My eye is now scanning through the items with a totally different criteria than usually; must not be fitted. For that reason it's now accessories that catch my eye most. Here is what I put on my Wishlist.

The most beautiful Erdem silk blouse. Not sure if any good with a big tummy so will probably stay on the Wishlist forever, or until it sells out, which is probably not that long...

Chloe boots. Can't get enough of Chloe, so chic!

Gucci bag. I actually NEED one.. I don't have a black bag that you could wear messenger style. Gucci have really upped their stakes, such cool stuff!
Gucci sunglasses. Something a bit different to my forever faithful aviators.

Now this is just gorgeous... A Pucci clutch. Totally unwearable with most things I own of course but it looks so yummy I can't stop looking at it!

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