Monday, 19 December 2011


On Friday night we had an early dinner at the new Richard Caring restaurant 34. I loved it! Richard Caring just always gets it right... Everything is right; decor, atmoshere, food and service. None of his restaurants try too hard; they are old school and quite glamorous instead of trendy and minimalistic. The atmosphere is so good you want to stay all night. I think 34 is now in my top five favourite London restaurants! I ate a soup, a fillet steak and the most amazing mint and chocolate dessert... As good as the honeycomb ice cream with chocolate sauce in Scott's and that's to say something! Oh, and Bernie Ecclestone sat at the table next to us. He was with a dark haired lady and another couple. They gave us a few not so friendly glances, think we were talking a touch too loud...

Picture from 34 website.

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