Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Eating, eating and eating...

Last night I had a work dinner in Nobu, Park Lane. The food was delicious and everyone had a fun evening, we were a table of eight people. Afterwards a few people continued for drinks but I made my excuses and escaped home and to bed.

Tonight I had my department's Christmas drinks in a wine bar in the City. I went straight from work for a couple of hours to be sociable and was so happy when I was able to sneak out before 8pm! I'm finding it hard going out now that I'm pregnant and not able to drink. What a shameful thing to admit! I'm finding it especially hard at this early stage when I'm still hiding my pregnancy and therefore having to pretend that I'm in fact drinking... Holding the same warm wine glass for hours on end taking the smallest of sips... or pretending that I'm drinking an exotic cocktail when in fact it's just orange juice and dreading that someone is going to want to taste it! Ordering a soft drink is difficult too as most of the time it's someone from the group asking everyone what they want to drink. Tonight I was able to sneakily speak to a friendly waitress and explain my situation to her and she became my secret alliance carrying me soft drinks that looked like cocktails. She saved me! The problem is that I never say no to a glass of wine and that is why anyone who knows me will immediately know that something is going on if I refuse it...

I'm already expanding even though I'm only 8 weeks pregnant. My boobs and bottom are growing at record speed. Last night I had to change my outfit at the last minute because I realised I looked ridiculous in a fitted dress. The reason for this fast expansion is obviously not the baby who is about 10mm long at the moment... It is my eating that has got totally out of hand. Let's see what I ate today; I started the morning by having two bowls of the most sugary, fattening, roasted granola. At lunch time I had "sushi", which actually meant a couple of pieces of sushi and a lot of greasy prawn tempura. In the afternoon I had one and a half cupcakes, which someone kindly offered to me and then in the wine bar I stuffed my face with cheese, bread and sausages. If nobody has noticed the changes in my eating habits then I'm very surprised... Everyone normally takes the mickey out of me for eating so healthy and now I've gone totally to the other extreme. The thing is that I feel nauseous most of the time and the eating, at least temporarily, helps! Because of the nausea I just crave something very specific to make me feel better and that something is never anything healthy.

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