Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Christmas Presents Part I

I absolutely hate Christmas shopping... Don't get me wrong I love giving but I hate that I'm always in a rush with it! Why can't I ever get myself organised early enough? I also hate that I never know what to buy Mr W and his family... I feel like I want to impress them but not by spending too much but by getting it really right. And I don't think I have got it right yet even once to be honest. My family is easy as they don't have access to the same lovely goods that we do here in London. So I've started by logging into Net-A-Porter and getting a present for each of my sisters. 

E will be getting this DKNY day bag. I got her an evening bag last year so I thought that she could use a bigger one this time in a neutral colour.
O will be getting this stunning Jimmy Choo evening bag. For her birthday a few months ago I got her more of a daytime bag in tan colour so for her I now wanted to get a glamorous evening bag.
Last but not least H will be receiving this small Chloe Marci bag. She can use it during the day and also in the evening so I thought it would be perfect as I haven't given her a bag before. The colour is also very "her". 

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