Sunday, 30 October 2011

Friday night Hakkasan and Connaught

I travelled so much during the summer that I am soooo in love with London now and treasure every weekend I get to spend here. This weekend started off with a Friday night dinner in Hakkasan, Mayfair. I was with Mr W and some I and L. We had a great night and Hakkasan got top marks from me for the evening. Food was excellent and pink mojitos were as good as ever. Service was smooth and unnoticeable, just the way it should be. We sat on the ground floor where the bar is. I prefer this to sitting downstairs in the actual dining room. I like the buzz of the bar around me. The only negative was that we had to leave the table at 9.30pm and they were not very forthcoming in helping us find a space at the bar afterwards. For this reason we headed out to Connaught Hotel bar, the newer one, for a couple of more mojitos, which, I must say, they are experts in. They even beat Hakkasan's ones!

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